Film Production Equipment

Our studio is equipped with all video production equipment from 4K high end cameras to reflectors and light diffuser

Audio Production Equipment

Audio equipment includes advance mixers, Recorder and professional mics (Lav & Shotgun microphones etc.).

Post production

We are specialized in post production and studio is equipped with systems for editing, color grading and visual effects.

Editing Software

Professional editing software for audio and video from Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Blackmagic Design and several reputed companies are part of our studio.

Set Design

We can provide custom design set for indoor shooting at various locations.


Our crew consist of professional directors, editors, director of photography, composers and more.


Video Cameras, Drones and Lenses:


Rigs, Stabilizers and Tripods:

Pro Audio Gear:

Lighting, Backdrops and Reflectors:


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